Radiohead's first blast.In many respects a typical debut album - self-concious,delibrate and naive -

a;though even now it rings with a cocky grace.The band has since conceded that at that time it was

knee deep in American guitars, particularly bands like R.E.M and The Pixies, and the final cut

reveals as much.But that said 'Creep' was classic,even then (I'm a creep,I'm a weirdo was certainly

the bravest chorus of the year) while 'Anyone Can Play Guitar' had that stop start,buzz saw motion

that volleyed it sqarely back into your face.It's the sublime 'Been Thinking About You',however, that

is still very much the record's corner-stone,an acoustic unrequited love song ('and I'm playing by

myself but what do I care, when you're not there') that sets the tone ,to a degree, for what follows

on The Bends.In many respects it's far too cheerful for its own good, although when it finds its feet

it's genuinely unstoppable.And great debut albums are supposed to be flawed, remember?