Almost two years ago, Radiohead contributed a new song, 'Lucky', to Tonyy Crean's Warchild

charity album 'Help'. It dominated the record (although that was hardly the point, but...) as an

expansive, weirdo-epic song of salvage. It turns up once again as one of  OK Computer's 12, but

it's not that you'd notice, such is the magnitude and majesty of Radiohead's third album. It opens

with the guitar-slashed 'Airbag', crosses through valleys of style and sound and never once

(expecting, perhaps, the fiery 'Electioneering') sounds either simple or static ( try 'Subterranean

Homesick Alien', 'Exit Music' and 'Let Down' back to back for size). Lyrically the record picks up

where The Bends leaves off and, in truth, it's an often uncomfortable listen. Yorke's paranoia is as

vicious as it's been, although he's far more focused and scathing with his targets ('Climbing Up The

Walls', 'Fitter Happier').As a body of work it seems like a whole world away from Pablo Honey,

although it's been merely four years and one strange trip. Record of the year and, quite possibly,

the decade too.