<< Ireland - Galway 28 July 1996 >>

    The best day of my life ! (also the best night before!)

This was one of my first concerts The only other concert I had gone to before this was R.E.M in Slane in Ireland.This was a pretty good gig but didn't prepare for the euphoria of Galway - Radiohead.The Bends had been released a few months before - hand.Songs like High & Dry were anthems by now.Radiohead were by far my favourite band and I would have killed to see them live.

We began our journey towards the Castlegar Sports Grounds at around 14.00.An sense of excitement began to engulf us.Suddenly the skies opened and within moments we were likes snails on the road.We arrived at the concert perplexed by the size of the stadium and the idea that Radiohead - the best band in the world were about to play. The atmosphere was weak.The Cardigans came on - another band which I liked - but the crowd weren't really interested.They were reasonable but nothing compared to the immense power of Radiohead.It contiued to lash rain and I was now completely soaked to the skin.

After the last act played - Nenah Cherry - the crowd began to get excited.It has to be taken into account that Galway is a special place. The atmosphere was amazing and we all felt like we were in this together.Suddenly the band came on. What a feeling, what a fucking feeling! I just had to jump.I could feel adrenalin rush through my body and when the first few strings of Iron Lung were plucked I felt like I was in utopia.I looked around me and saw that everyone else appeared to be feeling the same.

The sound was excellent and the atmosphere was amazing. We were given a mixture of favourites such as fake plastic trees and creep as well as new songs such as Lucky and Electioneering.Even these songs which we never heard before sounded brilliant.I know from busking and from playing in a band myself that it is very difficult to achieve the levels of concentration required for somebody to appreciate a new song, especially live.

The atmosphere continued throughout the concert and , leaving the sports grounds I felt like a different person.I felt enlightened and felt that I was one of the lucky few to have experienced this show.

Anyway, to conclude in one simple sentance - That was the best day of my life.