In between,the single 'Pop Is Dead' had served a notice or two but even at that very few could have

expected the sheer weight and volume of ambition that came stapled to The Bends.If Pablo Honey

is Radiohead's American dream,then The Bends is all of that squared, twisted and broken in shards.

Because by now Thom Yorke's notes on life and how we've lived it were bitter and cynical,

fraught with a monster paranoia that engulfs the record from the opening nervous pulls of  'Planet

Telex'.The single 'High and Dry', is still acoustic and gorgeous,

'Street Spirit' likewise and only 'Black Star' ever touches on the earlier record's thrusty dynamism

Its on both 'Nice Dream' ('nice dream, if you think that you're strong enough, nice dream, if you

think you belong enough') and the poisened 'Fake Plastic Trees' (monster, trembled guitar solo)

that Yorke really touches the writing skies and, in doing so, begins the OK Computer cycle in